If we are to believe that stereotypes hold true, you'd think that a YouTube about pooping would be sung by a little boy, hilariously giggling about his toilet humor.

Instead, however, we have a cute little girl who has turned the lyrics to 'Let It Go' from 'Frozen' into a song about her toilet adventures. Somehow, she also manages to do it with a look of seriousness on her face.

Gawker (who found this on reddit) came across a video online of a young girl named Emily Mandelbaum who parodies the Disney song with jokes about going "number two" in the bathroom.

For example, Emily sings, "Let me poop, let me poop / I should have closed that door / I don't care / What they're going to say / Let the poop come out / Smell doesn't bother me anyway."

Yes, the lyrics are kind of foul, but when they're coming out of a little girl's singing voice, strangely, you don't seem to care.

Watch little Emily's hilarious video above and tell us what you think.