Brrrr. Things just got a littler chillier in the world of Frozen. An author is reportedly suing Walt Disney Co., claiming that the company poached her story as the basis of the hit 2013 movie.

The Detroit News reports that Kuwaiti author Muneefa Abdullah alleges that Frozen uses the same plot elements, themes and characters from her 2007 story, "The Snow Princess." Yep, there's even a princess with the ability to turn people into ice.

"She wants money," Mohamed Zaher, Abdullah's lawyer, told the Detroit News. "She's not looking to harm anybody. She believes (Frozen) was her idea and it was stolen."

Abdullah is reportedly suing Frozen screenwriter and co-director Jennifer Lee as well. Zaher claims that Lee had "reasonable opportunities to observe" Abdullah's work before starting the Frozen screenplay in 2012.

We agree that the stories sound the same, but Abdullah's tale also sounds very similar to Hans Christian Andersen's "The Snow Queen," which was the basis for Disney's movie.

Unfortunately, this isn't the first Frozen-related lawsuit faced by Disney. In September 2014, a woman named Isabella Tanikumi sued the company for $250 million, claiming that the movie was based on her life. Tanikumi says Frozen plagiarized her 2010 autobiography about growing up in the Andes Mountains.

Frozen grossed more than $1.27 billion worldwide, making it a massive payday for Disney. As the recently confirmed Frozen sequel loom, both lawsuits remain unresolved and neither of the plaintiffs seem ready to "let it go." Success never did come easy, did it?

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