Anyone who's ever watched 'Beauty and the Beast' knows that Gaston does not back down from a challenge. And yes, that goes for the character actor who plays him in Disney World!

In the video, which is racking up hits on YouTube, a man visiting the theme park tells Gaston that he's stronger than him. The actor, true to character, confidently agrees to a push-up challenge.

We'll give the visitor credit. He's a fair match for the muscled Gaston, who casually switched to one-handed pushups mid-way through the face-off. (Consider us impressed!) The best part of this whole video is seeing how the actor never breaks character -- or a sweat.

In case you're wondering, this is the same actor who was hilariously put into his place by a little girl visiting Disney World. You check out that video, which went viral about a month ago, here.

Watch the Disney tourist face off against Gaston in the video above!