Have you ever wished to be a literal fly on the wall of Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid's friendship? That is an unfortunate desire, because transmogrification mostly exists in the magical realm and magic is fiction. But! Because beautiful Gigi is so transparent about the goings on in her life, you can at least imagine yourself as part of their platonic union, and even more specifically as an attendee at Taylor's 2016 Halloween party.

The Victoria's Secret model spoke with Matt Lauer about the intimate gathering, which included six select squad members and, evidently, no one else: Camila Cabello, Martha Hunt, Lily Donaldson, Emmie Gundler, Kennedy Rayé and the aforementioned Gigi were all in attendance.

"Halloween was really cool," she said during an appearance on Today. "We were all working, so my friend had just a little girls' night at her house."

The occasional Real Housewives of Beverly Hills guest star failed to mention Taylor by name until prompted by Lauer, because to Gigi, Taylor is a normal 26-year-old woman, who sometimes third wheels it with her and Zayn.

"We had, like, chips and guacamole and pizza," Gigi continued, making the case that celebrities really are just like us.

Gigi further explained that while she had initially planned to wear a different, far more elaborate costume, she decided to hold onto it for unknown reasons and go as a cub scout instead.

"I had a really, really intense costume planned, and then I was like, maybe I'll save it," she said. "So then I found a cub scout shirt in Japan at a vintage store, and I made a costume out of it."

Watch Gigi Hadid tell it on Today in the video above.

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