Giorgio Moroder hasn't made an album in 30 years, but given the fact that he's responsible for producing classics like Blondie's "Call Me," Donna Summer's "Bad Girls" and "Take My Breath Away" from Top Gun, we weren't too worried that his upcoming Déjà Vu would disappoint. Today (May 28), he's released a megamix that showcases songs from the album — with professional dancers serving as graceful eye candy.

A pair of modern dancers kick things off to "74 Is the New 24" before quickly launching into his buoyant title-track with Sia, and then transitioning into "Back and Forth" featuring Kelis. This one has a tiny "Flashdance...What a Feeling" vibe, which make sense as Giorgio produced that Academy Award-winning song too. More dancers join in with classic '70s-style dance moves (hip bumps, the ol' roll your arms and point) as we move into "Wildstar" with Foxes.

We then exit the discotheque and enter more modern-day, EDM-influenced territory with "I Do This For You" featuring Swedish pop singer Marlene. The dancers flip and twirl as Charli XCX sings "Diamonds" over burbling 303 synths, and then they get downright acrobatic during "Tempted" featuring Matthew Koma. We hear a snippet of Mikky Ekko's "Don't Let Go" vocals before a song that we've already deemed one of the best of 2015, "Right Here Right Now" with Kylie Minogue. And then, finally, we get a precious few seconds of Britney Spears' cover of "Tom's Diner" by Suzanne Vega — just enough to get Britney fans counting down the days until Déjà Vu drops on June 16.

Watch the preview video above, and check out the album's track list below.

Déjà Vu track list:
1. “4 U with Love”
2. “Déjà Vu” (feat. Sia)
3. “Diamonds” (feat. Charli XCX)
4. “Don’t Let Go” (feat. Mikky Ekko)
5. “Right Here, Right Now” (feat. Kylie Minogue)
6. “Tempted” (feat. Matthew Koma)
7. “74 Is the New 24″
8. “Tom’s Diner” (feat. Britney Spears)
9. “Wildstar” (feat. Foxes)
10. “Back and Forth” (feat. Kelis)
11. “I Do This for You” (feat. Marlene)
12. “La Disco”

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