The cast of 'Glee' is planning to do an episode based entirely around Fleetwood Mac's landmark 1977 album 'Rumours,' according to TVLine. That means you'll be hearing pepped-up versions of 'Don't Stop,' 'Dreams,' and 'Go Your Own Way' sung by the McKinley High kids.

The show's creator Ryan Murphy has wanted to do a show revolving around an album for a while. The show has done episodes dedicated to a single artist (Madonna, Britney Spears) before, but never one single album. They made a good choice; figure it had to be either this or Michael Jackson's 'Thriller.' 'Rumours' sold over 40 million records (to-date), won the 1977 Grammy for Album of the Year, and spawned a handful of tracks that are still played daily on radio stations all across the world.

However, if they really wanna go "method" and do this right, the cast is going to have to follow the same famously turbulent creative process that Stevie Nicks and the rest of Fleetwood Mac went through while creating 'Rumours.' That means the episode will take nearly a year to film, the cast will sleep together on set in every combination possible, and they'll plow through a mountain of coke. Allegedly.

Listen to Fleetwood Mac, 'Second Hand News' From 'Rumours'