You go, 'Glee!'

All 10 tracks from 'Michael,' the show's Michael Jackson tribute episode, debuted in the Hot 100 this week. All the songs combined 500,000 digital downloads, with 'Smooth Criminal' hitting No. 10 on the digital singles chart. The 'Michael' episode was the most watched episode so far in the show's third season, garnering a staggering 9.1 million viewers and becoming the night's No. 1 rated show among adults 18-49.

'Smooth Criminal' is the cast's third highest debut song of the season, moving 108,000 downloads. The highest debut this season is still the cast's rendition of Fun.'s 'We Are Young' (160,000 downloads), followed by the show's mash up of Adele's 'Rumor Has It / Someone Like You' (137,000 downloads).

The success is good news for the show, which has been plagued by falling ratings this season. Until 'Michael,' the only third season track to chart on the Top 40 was 'Rumor Has It / Someone Like You.'

However, the drops are all pretty relative -- the show is still a massive success and is pretty much guaranteed a fourth season, and 28 tracks from this season have hit the Hot 100 charts. Since the show's inceptions, the 'Glee' cast has charted a whopping 183 songs on the Billboard Hot 100, shattering records previously held by Elvis Presley and the Beatles.

We're glad the show will be heading out on its two month break on a high note: Their numbers aren't 'Bad' at all!