Finally, after weeks of waiting, 'Glee' returned to FOX with the 'Pot O' Gold' episode, which was aptly named given the Irish newcomer who joined the cast. 'The Glee Project' winner Damian McGinty made his debut at McKinley High as Irish foreign exchange student Rory, which opened up a hefty new plotline.

As New Directions prepared for their 'West Side Story' stage show, none of the members could seem to get their mind off of the loss of Mercedes to Shelby Corcoran's all-girl show choir. Meanwhile, Rory spent his time trying to get acclimated in a new country -- and even asked Finn to be his friend. But as Finn explained to him, in America, dudes don't ask dudes to be friends. Except on Facebook.

Being that he's the show's newest camera thief, it was only fair that Rory got the first song of the episode, which he owned with Kermit the Frog's famous 'Being Green,' meant to reflect how he's struggling to fit in as an Irishman in America. While he sang, he was shown sitting alone in various places around school, but most tellingly, he was seen glaring lovingly at Brittany -- his host sister -- in class. Unfortunately, she's convinced that he's a leprechaun.

As for Quinn and Puck, they devised a play to get Shelby to let them babysit baby Beth together, which turns out to be only another piece of the plot to get the baby back in their custody. But when Quinn plants stuff around the home to make her look like a bad mother, and calls CPS on her, Puck thinks she's gone a bit too far.

Back in the choir room, Blaine incited a performance meant to recognize "what glee club is all about -- just fun!" He led the gang in the performance of the season, Katy Perry's smash 'Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)'. Ever the diva, Santana didn't get into their ensemble, because she's pretty sure it's going to be the Blaine and Rachel show this year -- with Mercedes gone and that she'll get left in the dust at Sectionals.

After class, Santana acted out on Rory, hoping to prevent him from letting his Brittany crush go any further. After all, she does think he's a fictional character with a hidden pot of gold. True to her tricky self, Santana convinces Rory to help her get Brittany to join the show choir and leave New Directions behind.

Later in the episode, Puck goes back to Shelby's house to undo the damage Quinn left behind, but walks into a sticky situation with a stressed out mother and crying back. He convinces the struggling mom to let him play his daughter a lullaby, which he does with Foreigner's 'Waiting for a Girl.' As expected, the song calmed her down and helped her fall right asleep. He and Shelby then shared a special moment and promised he'd always be there to help if she needed it.

Sadly, Brittany was swayed by Rory and Santana's trickery and decides to quit glee club. Together with her fellow girls show choir members, she performed Christina Aguilera's 'Candyman' in the auditorium, while Finn watched from a distance.

By the end of the episode, even Rory loses Brittany as a friend and Santana tells him that she wishes he'd just disappear. Finn, the episode's hero, found his broken spirited friend and brought him to the choir room, where Rory closed out the episode with 'Take Care of Yourself’ (Teddy Thompson). His solo number impressed everyone -- even the New Directions divas -- which signed him a spot in their glee club.

'Pot O' Gold' was a hefty one, but we can't wait for next week when 'Glee' introduces a new gay villain and brings back the Warblers. Oh, and did we mention that Rachel and Finn will do the dirty for the first time ever? Click back next week for a recap!