For a more than one of the characters on 'Glee,' tonight's episode, 'Yes/No,' was all about popping the big question. For others, it was about more of an internal struggle. We've got the rundown. Spoilers ahead!

The episode opened with Mercedes and Sam dishing alternately over their fling, in a very '50s rendition of 'Summer Nights' from 'Grease.' All the guys wore letterman jackets, except Sam, who channeled Travolta in black leather.

We finally got to hear Becky's perspective in 'Yes/No.' After the opening number, we got a voice over from Becky, which sounded not like her speaking voice, but as she put it, "like the Queen of England." This, evidently, is what she wants herself to sound like, so "lay off, haters." Becky is so sassy. She muses over which boys in the school are worthy of her, and reveals that she has the hots for Artie. So cute!

Shannon and Cooter's relationship seems to be going full steam ahead, as Shannon tells Emma and Sue that they got married over the weekend. Sue is obviously pissed -- but Sue's protests are lukewarm at best in this episode. Mostly, she ends up playing the cool-headed adviser, and even seems like she might get friendly at times. Emma is all bent out of shape that Will still hasn't popped the question, and Sue tells her to be a liberated woman and propose to him. Emma then launches into a solo performance of 'Wedding Bell Blues' by 5th Dimension, at the end of which she gets flustered and embarrassed and runs away.

Will picks up on Emma's obvious hint, turning it into an assignment for the New Directions. He asks them all for their help with a proposal.

Confused love is in the air, and it seems like Artie's mixed up in it as well. He asks Sugar Motta to "work on a song" with him (we're so sure, Artie) and gets shot down. Becky swoops in, though, and asks him out.

Sam is determined to get Mercedes back, and in an effort to get the coveted letterman jacket, he joins synchronized swimming, coached by a fast-talking, insult-hurling Roz Washington, played by NeNe Leakes from 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta.' This is such a good character. She fills the void where Sue's biting wit used to be, and she's hilarious. Here's hoping she shows up again soon!

Artie's plan to satisfy Becky's request for a date is to bring her to the auditorium to watch him advise Will on his proposal. Artie tells Will to shake what his mama gave him in a suggestive mash-up of Maroon 5's 'Moves Like Jagger' and 'Jumpin' Jack Flash' by the Rolling Stones. While Becky is intrigued, she wants a real date at Breadstix.

Finn is still lost and confused about what his post-high school life is going to look like, and after Will asks him to be his best man, Finn confides in Will that he's thinking of joining the army. This drives Will to stage an intervention, during which Finn's mom reveals that Finn's father didn't die in combat in Iraq, but rather after he came home, from a drug overdose. Poor Finn is heartbroken and more confused than ever.

Despite their differences, Rachel, Mercedes, Tina and Santana all get together to help Will find a way to propose. They sing a rendition of 'First Time I Ever Saw Your Face,' but they're not thinking about Will. They're thinking about their own true loves, and Mercedes thinks of Sam. Despite what she tells him, she's still torn up over him.

The whole Glee Club tells Artie to stop leading Becky on, and he comes to her defense, quoting back to them the Glee mantra of acceptance -- but even he is deterred when Becky sexts him. He goes to Sue for advice on how to break it off, and Sue tells him to just rip off the bandage. Then she has a stream of choice insults for him, including disses on his voice, clothes and driving gloves. Now that's the Sue we know and love (to hate)! Becky is forced to re-learn a painful lesson about expectations when Artie shoots her down, but Sue is there to cheer her up.

Finn isn't the only one who's unsure about the future. Both Kurt and Rachel's spirits are deflated, and after the three of them throw themselves a pity party, Rachel sings 'Without You' by David Guetta and Usher for Finn.

Will seems more unsure of the proposal than ever after asking Emma's awful parents for permission. They bring up concerns about her OCD, and he starts to believe that maybe it can just never work. However Sam, always the romantic, comes to him with a plan.

Will brings Emma to the school's swimming pool, where the whole Glee Club serenades her with a synchronized swimming rendition of Rihanna's 'We Found Love.' Will once again reverts to the strong-willed man that got Emma so hot and bothered earlier in the season, and finally pops the question -- wearing a soaking wet white tux, no less. You guessed it: she says yes!

The end of 'Yes/No' really has us wondering about the title's significance. Finn brings Rachel to the auditorium and tells her about how twisted up he is inside. He tells her that, no matter how confusing life has been for him, she's been "like a beacon of light guiding [him] through the darkness." Then… he proposes to her. Cut to credits. OH. MY. GOD.