The news is out! 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' will blend with 'Glee' next season when star NeNe Leakes joins the cast as the new swim coach at McKinley High.

Now that Sam's back on the show, he will be joining the synchronized swim team in order to get Mercedes back (hello, Speedo!), and naturally, he'll need a coach ... Given that this is the first mention ever of a swim team, much less a pool, at McKinley. Bring in NeNe!

Lea Michele and Chris Colfer confirmed on Monday that the Atlanta show star would be joining their cast for a recurring role. "She’s awesome. She plays the new swim coach … We literally raided her trailer," Michele admitted during an appearance on 'Watch What Happens Live.'

NeNe's character, Roz Washington, is also said to be the latest of Sue's long list of enemies. The 'Real Housewives' famer confirmed the news for her fans as well, tweeting, "The secret is out! YES I hav a recurring role on GLEE! I’m coach Roz Washington the synchronized swim coach! So honored!"

She added later that her 'Glee' slot won't be quite as easy as the role she's used to. "Studying lines now! My memory is just gone LOL!"she said. "Gotta head right back 2 the Glee set after the holidays.”

'Glee' returns to FOX on Jan. 17 with the 'Yes/No' episode.