Good Charlotte
are OD'ing on '90s nostalgia in their new video for 'Last Night,' which premiered the parody site, Funny or Die.

The video is a true-to-form re-enactment of the classic game show 'Family Double Dare,' where contestants would compete for prizes while performing "physical challenges" where they sloshed around in chocolate sauce, whipped cream and other sweet treats and assorted desert toppings.

Good Charlotte -- lead by twin brothers Benji and Joel Madden -- went to extreme lengths to recreate every major and tiny detail of the game show, from the set to the stagehands, and even the host! To recreate the non-HD look of '90s TV, the band borrowed older TV cameras from a Korean TV station.

They also convinced host Marc Summers, who recently hosted The Food Network's 'Unwrapped' series, to reprise his role as the show host. This was no small feat given Summer's OCD and the fact that the series is based off contestants rolling around in vanilla pudding.

“This video takes place in the '90s and we were all '90s kids, so we know it pretty well. This was one of our favorite shows growing up. I always wanted to go on 'Family Double Dare,' and now my dreams get to come true,” said Benji Madden.

Watch the Good Charlotte 'Last Night' Video