It's only been a year-and-a-half since 14-year-old Greyson Chance became a viral sensation with his Lady Gaga 'Paparazzi' cover; but in that time, he has come a long way in his young career. The teen caught up with his mentor Ellen DeGeneres today on 'Ellen,' and dished to the audience about his new 'Hold On 'Til the Night' album and how his rise to fame has been. 

"It's just so surreal," Greyson told Ellen of his new record, which came out on Aug. 2. "I've been working on this album in particular for a year … It's just been so surreal to actually have it and be able to hold it in my hands."

Before even hitting his most recent growth spurt, the young singer-songwriter's album hit unimaginable heights -- No. 2 on the iTunes pop chart just behind the iconic Adele. Greyson credits that incredible success to being hands-on with his fast-growing fanbase. "Being on tour is just one of my favorite things to do in the world," he revealed. "I did an in-store at a Long Island mall. I went to the mall maybe two months before that, and maybe two hundred people showed up. At the time that was huge to me. And then, we went there and security hated us and we had 2,000 girls there."

While in the 'Ellen' studio, Greyson rocked out on his hit single, 'Unfriend You,' complete with a grand piano and smoke. We echo the hostess, who told her protege that she too was proud of his debut album, assuring viewers, "I don't care how old you are, this is a good, good album."

Watch Greyson Chance on 'Ellen'