Greyson Chance has made quite a debut with his lead-off album. Just 14 years old (as of Aug. 16), the 'Unfriend You' singer has toured the country multiple times and garnered enough fans to headline his own shows -- pretty impressive given that no one knew his name until he became a YouTube sensation in April of '10. 'Hold on 'Til the Night,' the title track of the record, encompasses the teen's multiple talents and gives us a breath of fresh air.

"I climbed up on a tree to get a new perspective / If love is worth the time, the price is being rejected / Just as I start falling down, I turned this around," Greyson sings in one wise-beyond-his-years verse, which is followed immediately by a big-and-powerful chorus.

"Run into the light, get out of your own way / Not afraid to fight, believe in what you say / I'll hold on 'til the night / Hanging by a thread, I'm not scared to let go / Thoughts inside your head that creep up to get you / I believe this is right, so I'll hold on 'til the night," he continues without letting go of the catchiness that makes pop music fun.

Like all of Greyson's songs, there's a lot of depth to his title track. Perhaps we're just suckers for a cute kid smile, but there's just something about the Oklahoma native that screams 'staying power' to us. As a whole, we rated his debut album 4 out of 5 shining stars, and tracks like this one are the reason why.

While 'Hold on 'Til the Night' is not currently a single (he's still riding the waves of 'Unfriend You'), we think it'd make a heck of a contender for the next track. That or 'Heart Like Stone,' or ‘Little London Girl,’ or ... You get our point. And, it's available for a free download right now from WMRisers, so head on over to their Facebook page and get your very own copy. You'll be glad you did!

Listen to Greyson Chance, 'Hold on 'Til the Night'