Greyson Chance is known for his unheard of natural music talent, but can he act, too? We're about to find out! The 'Unfriend You' hitmaker will make his sitcom debut on the season premiere of 'Raising Hope,' portraying a younger version of the hit show's main character, Jimmy Chance, coincidentally.

In the episode, which airs tonight (Sept. 20) at 9:30PM ET, Jimmy discovers that he was a musical prodigy as a teen -- hence Greyson. While the character has lost his skill since growing into an adult, the star of tonight's show is absolutely in his prime, with a new album and a handful of hit singles to boot.

If things go well, the 'Paparazzi' YouTube star says he could see a future for himself in acting. "I was a huge fan of the show even before this came along. This is the first time I've ever done this, and I've just really fallen in love with it," Greyson admits. "I really enjoy it a lot."

Based on the promo video below, it seems the cast welcomed him with opened arms and were just as floored by his talent as the rest of America. The craziest thing about it, however, is just how much adult Jimmy looks like Greyson -- and that the character's last name was Chance long before Greyson made viral waves.

'Raising Hope' premieres tonight before 'The Purple Piano Project' kick-off episode of 'Glee.'

See Greyson Chance on the Set of 'Raising Hope'