Update (10/11): The full version of "Hell Nos And Headphones" is now available on Elle. It's a relaxed but fiery dismissal of the have-to-fit-in crowd, and definitely worth a listen. 

Hailee Steinfeld has made it very clear: she loves herself. And with a sneak peek into her very first EP due out on Friday (November 13), you might find yourself following suit.

Haiz, the cover of which finds Steinfeld looking—at once—dreamy and tough, expands smartly from her first single's forthright and uplifting tones. From "You're Such A," a "Roar"-like anthem that warns "You keep trying, you keep trying with that sweet talk on your tongue / But I ain't buying, I ain't buying / I can't, I can't," to the pleasantly confused "Rock Bottom," the preview has got solid cohesive promise.

Finally, to complete the the experience on a sweet note, "Hell Nos And Headphones" slows things down without forfeiting what is shaping up to be Steinfeld's penchant for the headstrong. It's calm and breezy but stern: a don't-mess-with-me lullaby.

In June, Steinfeld told Billboard she's aiming for edgy pop, and at first listen, it sounds like she might have achieved exactly that.

"I’m still shaping and developing it, but I would say it’s unique pop," she said. "I cut one of my first demos with Captain Cuts over a year ago, and I’ve been recording more with them now more, which is awesome."

Listen to bits of Haiz above, tell us what you think and if you're into it, be sure to download a copy this Friday, November 13.

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