Katy Perry's teasers for 'ROAR' promised that she'd be shedding her candy-coated image in favor of something darker. While that might be the case for her look and her image, her new single 'ROAR,' the first from 'Prism,' is upbeat and crazy catchy, which we've come to expect from Perry.

Lyrically, its closest cousin is her angry, "I'm so over you," 'Teenage Dream' reissue romp 'Part of Me,' which addressed navigating the messy stuff of life and coming out the other side a winner. That theme is further explored here, paired with one of the catchiest and most upbeat melodies of Perry's catalog. 'ROAR' -- which was co-penned by rising pop star and friend Bonnie McKee, who has a history with KP -- doesn't have the sonic snarl of 'Part of Me,' but it's just as impactful.

The verses are bouncy, with a jukebox-y melody threaded throughout and Perry singing empowering words like, "I stood for nothing / So I fell for everything," "You held me down / But I got up," "I went from zero / To my own hero," declaring "I've got the eye of the tiger" and "I am a champion / And you're gonna hear me roar."

Lyrically, it's a statement of personal victory, of independence and of overcoming anything that has tried to mess with her happiness. It's one that the Katy Kat Nation can instantly relate to and adopt as their personal anthem. Expect tattoos, custom-made tees and fan art with these words emblazoned on 'em.

The quick assumption would be that Perry wrote this about ex-hubby Russell Brand, since she did go through a very dark period with their divorce and that emotion rightfully spilled over into the music. It wouldn't be a stretch to think that, since it makes sense. Art imitates life often.

The song has epic, room-filling melodies and qualities, and it feels cathartic and perky at once. That's not easy to do, since self-realization through song can often be a murky business, one that is better set to darker, more ominous tones and sounds, but here, Perry seems focused on the aftermath. She endured the battle. She dressed her wounds. They've healed. Now, she's celebrating through song.

The music reflects the upbeat feeling one has when they achieve a massive victory over the BS of life, which Perry, the champion, has.

You will barely be through one listen and Perry's voice and the backbeat will be lodged in your brain for the next few hours.

Overall, it's Katy Perry through and through. She is pop music's champion -- hear her 'ROAR' on what should be her next No. 1.


Listen to Katy Perry, 'ROAR'