In parts 1 and 2 of our chat with Halsey, the rising singer-songwriter filled us in on the concept behind her Badlands album, and how sharing her song "Ghost" on Tumblr made her a literal overnight success story. We kick our third and final installment off with a subject the 20-year-old artist has plenty of thoughts on: Her music's intent.

Explaining that her Room 93 EP meant to be "voyeuristic," she goes on to say, "that's kind of what my project is about. It's about authenticity, it's about being honest, and it's about baring all. What you see is what you get."

The "New Americana" singer goes on to make an astute observation about how the way female musicians' work is received in contrast with that of their male contemporaries. "Men talk about things that are sexual, things that are intimate and romantic and forlorn in their music, and that's something that's celebrated. But when a woman does it, it's not really interpreted the same way," she says. That binary — when men make work about their inner lives they're being vulnerable, but when a woman does the same it's shallow and trite — has been pointed out by other musicians (as well as many writers and filmmakers), and it's certainly one worth discussing whenever possible.

One female musician Halsey has long admired is Amy Winehouse. "I think that she wasn't polished, and she wasn't ashamed, and she didn't apologize," she explains, saying Amy "kept writing" in the face of judgements and assumptions.

Watch the video above to hear Halsey describe her fans ("they're so heavily invested in my life, I feel like I owe the same to them"), her dream cover song and what she's listening to these days. And if you're one of those devoted fans she speaks of, pick up the Badlands LP when it's out on August 28.