Halsey has more than a few stories to tell.

The 20-year-old, New Jersey-bred singer-songwriter, whose stage name derives from a train stop in Brooklyn (more on that in the video above), has steadily made waves across the Internet and beyond with each passing release, from her haunting debut single "Ghost" — which led to her major label record deal with Astralwerks — all the way up to her latest release, "New Americana," a thunderous statement of self(ie) for a new generation. (You can think of it as Generation Z's own "Kids In America.")

Penning tracks based on real life experiences and various types of relationships she's amassed in the 20 years of her young life (as well as a genuine love for pure pop music), the singer blends blunt, emotional lyricism with hard-edged urban beats, soaring melodies and atmospheric textures, at times recalling fellow anti-pop teen pop star, Lorde.

With her debut LP Badlands on the way at the end of the month (August 28), Halsey stopped into PopCrush to tell us a little bit more about herself, her debut single ("Ghost") and EP (Room 93), her upcoming full-length, her thoughts about being a female artist, touring, fans and everything in between. Accordingly, we've broken out our chat into a few different segments that we'll be premiering over the next few days.

Watch Halsey tell us about herself in the first video above, and stay tuned for more clips in the next few days.