Halsey called out an unruly fan who repeatedly chanted G-Eazy's name at her concert.

The 25-year-old was performing at the BudXMiami pre-Super Bowl event in South Beach on Saturday (February 1) night when a male fan in the audience kept shouting her ex-boyfriend's name at her.

The "Graveyard" singer stopped her concert to stop the fan from continuing to scream the name at her. "If you say G-Eazy one more f--king time, I'm kicking your a-- out of this club," she said.

"F--king test me, you want to get out of the crowd?" she questioned. "Who was it? It's you? Who said G-Eazy? Who's f--king yelling it? Cause I'll kick your a-- out of the f--king club." She added, "You’re not going to disrespect me like that at my own show."

After the concert, she seemingly addressed the situation on her Instagram story. "Don’t ever let someone make u [sic] feel crazy or unhinged cause ur [sic] a woman standing up for urself [sic]. Don't tolerate disrespect in the name of being 'nice.' love u [sic]."

Halsey and G-Eazy dated in 2017 before she confirmed the split in July of 2018.

Watch videos of the incident, below.

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