Halsey showed off her cheerleading skills during Saturday Night Live on January 25.

The 25-year-old acted in two of the skits during the episode including a spoof of Netflix's docuseries Cheer. The skit began with a cheerleader stuck in the ceiling from being thrown up in the air.

By the end of the segment, viewers realize that the woman in the ceiling was the "Graveyard" singer, portraying the role of Tara. Halsey showed off her southern accent and flexibility by pulling a "heel stretch," where the leg is held next to one's head.

Halsey also acted in the "Slow" skit alongside host Adam Driver and the Saturday Night Live cast members. The number was an R&B music video about taking things extremely slow. Halsey was able to throw in some vocal runs and show off her comedic side during the segment.

Finally, Halsey performed her own music with the first live performance of "You Should Be Sad" complete with a mechanical bull. She concluded the night with an acoustic rendition of "Finally // Beautiful Stranger."

Watch the skits and performances, below.

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