Halsey spoke up about her support of sex workers on Twitter along with an impromptu performance at an adult night club.

Halsey was spotted at a club this weekend, where she got on stage and danced to her latest single, "Nightmare," alongside dancers. (Reports on Twitter reveal that the ladies that were working got to keep the money that was thrown on stage at Halsey during her performance.)

Afterwards, Halsey took to Twitter to clarify the videos that she shared on her Instagram stories. "Getting a lot of s--- because I posted on my story last night," she began. "Just to be clear. I DO support sex workers. I support consenting humans in the field. My statement obviously excludes people forced into sex work. It all comes back to autonomy and choice."

She then went on to discuss feminism, social media and cultural differences that her discussion may be impacted by. Halsey opened up the forum to her fans, asking their opinions on the matter. She shared that her point of supporting sex workers is to create a safer work environment for them and to hopefully create regulations.

The singer took the time to respond to her followers and asked for any women that have worked in the industry to join in on the discussion. She ended the series of lengthy tweets and replies with her final thoughts on the matter, sharing that she will educate herself more on the matter and look into charities that support women who work in the industry.



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