Halsey's new Rolling Stone "Hot Issue" cover has people talking about her unshaved armpits.

Over the years, the 24-year-old singer has proven her look and hairstyles are anything but ordinary. She's sported bob cuts, platinum blonde hair and even a turquoise wig at one point. So, when Halsey posted her latest magazine cover on Instagram, fans were surprised to see her donning a more low-key, natural look.

In the photo, she embraces her curly brown hair and even bares her armpit stubble.

Though she looks absolutely beautiful and her cover received tons of praise, it turns out not everyone is a fan of her unshaven armpits. Some called it "disgusting" while other questions why she wouldn't just shave the stubble or photoshop it out. But, despite the backlash from fans, many celebs are defending her all-natural look.

Latin singer Benny Blanco wrote “rockstar status” in the comments section, while Demi Lovato praised the "Without Me" hitmaker, writing, "There so much yes about this picture idk where to start."

On Twitter, Zara Larsson wrote, "I loooove the fact that they didn't edit the armpits like most magazines would do. Women are not little babies who don't have body hair."

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