Harry Styles cut back on his social media activity following One Direction's self-induced hiatus late last year, exhibiting a deep understanding of the dangers of overexposure. It's a solid approach to celebrity: Harry's disappearance from the public eye ensures that even the subtlest hint at a return will generate decent press, and all he has to do is post a picture to Instagram with a vague caption to garner headlines.

So it is that Harry unveiled the forthcoming issue of Another Man magazine today (September 26), which stars the "Drag Me Down" singer on three separate covers -- one of which brings that tired Mick Jagger comparison to life -- shot by three different photographers (Ryan McGinley, Alasdair McLellan and Willy Vanderperre).

Harry apparently spoke with both Paul McCartney and Chelsea Handler for the issue, which sounds like a colorful and strange situation that was hopefully preserved somewhere on camera.

Did Harry finally delve into the details regarding his future plans as a solo artist? Will he reveal secrets from the set of Christopher Nolan's World War II drama, Dunkirk? Has he finally admitted One Direction is officially over? All will be revealed when the issue goes on sale later this week.

The magazine also promises to contain a “special document curated by Harry,” which is just vague enough to pique our interest without making any specific promises.

Be sure to check out Harry Styles in Another Man when the issue goes live on Thursday, September 29.

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