Harry Styles' most recent tour stop went in a rather unfavorable direction: when he kneeled down in front of a crowd, he was unexpectedly groped by a fan.

During a performance of "Kiwi" at the Hollywood Bowl during the We Can Survive concert to benefit breast cancer awareness, Styles fell to his knees at the front of the stage. Front-row fans predictably went wild, but one, in particular, crossed a line when his or her hand went somewhere that likely wasn't included with the price of admission.

"WTF!!! When your favorite artist is close to you, this does not justify you touching him in this way. #RespectHarry," user @___VXXIIS wrote with the video above, and followers echoed the sentiment.

"This is disgusting. Sexualization goes both genders. He’s always sticking up for his female fans, but half of the treat him like crap," one wrote, while another noted "He's a real person too, he doesn't deserve that."

A fan in attendance added to Yahoo Celebrity UK “You can tell it freaked him out a little because as he continued performing, he avoided the section that fan was standing in." Styles even reportedly covered his groin when he got close to the crowd again.

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