Sometimes celebrities' phones get hacked—and other times it's their family members' phones which get targeted. The latter has reportedly happened in the case of Harry Styles.

Anne Cox, the 22-year-old One Direction member's mother, allegedly was the victim of an iCloud hack on March 19.

More than thirty private photos of the singer were leaked online, including many photos of the star hanging out and cuddling with rumored former girlfriend Kendall Jenner on a yacht. A relationship was never officially confirmed between the British singer and the Hollywood model, but the two have been rumored to be dating on and off since 2013.

Photos include pictures of Jenner sitting on Styles' lap, as well as shots of the two taking shared selfies. The majority of photos are believed to be from a trip to St. Barts taken over New Year's weekend, and many seem to be taken either by Styles' mom or by Styles himself.

Other photos include the star posing with his mom, as well as various solo shots of the British boy-band member and his various tattoos. The photos seems to have originally been leaked by a Twitter account under the name @haarrystyles; the account has since been suspended. Ironically, it seems as though the account was previously followed by Styles.

Since the leak, "Annes iCloud" has become a trending topic on Twitter.

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