This sounds like something straight out of a fairytale!

Like all Directioners, 15-year-old Laura Yeates knows that Harry Styles is basically a magical human being -- but according to her, he may actually have some legit healing powers.

As the teen tells Metro UK, she had been left unable to speak for six whole months after suffering from both laryngitis and pharyngitis -- that is, until Styles blew her a kiss at the band's Wembley Stadium show in London.

"On the day of the concert I was slightly upset because I would not be able to enjoy the atmosphere as much as the rest of the crowd," Yeates revealed. "But we got so close to the stage and as Harry came over, he chucked water over us. I tried to scream, just to make him notice me, and when he blew a kiss in my direction, a scream came out."

While most parents would cover their ears at a high-pitched shriek, Yeates' mom was overjoyed beyond words.

"I was gobsmacked, I cried," her mom said. "Then she called her father and he cried."

And it's all thanks to one amazing boy band.

"No psychiatrist, no speech and language, no doctor or nurse could bring my voice back, but One Direction could," Yeates said proudly.

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