Directioners, we hope you're sitting down for this.

During One Direction's recent tour stop in Philadelphia, Harry Styles straight-up proposed to a fan onstage. And because there were thousands of Directioners in attendance, obviously the whole thing was captured on video.

Here's how it went down: Apparently, one bold fan showed up to the concert in an actual wedding dress, which of course fans spotted and snapped a picture of:

We'd definitely call the getup eye-catching, especially because it apparently caught the eye of Mr. Harry Styles -- so much so that he called the girl out (by name!) and asked for her hand in marriage.

"Priya, will you marry me?" he announced into the microphone with a giant grin on his face, as dozens of fans screamed, undoubtedly feeling the twin emotions of insane jealousy and overwhelming excitement. "There's been a plot twist!"

While we're not holding our breath that Harry and Priya will actually take a trip down the aisle, we're pretty sure she experienced enough excitement just to hear him pop the question.

Watch Harry Styles propose in the video above!

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