Looks like Harry Styles might have gone a little too crazy, crazy, crazy at Lily Allen's after party at a Los Angeles bar the other night, and the evidence was thrown up all over a California freeway Saturday afternoon. Of course it's possible that he was also motion-sick or suffering from the stomach flu. Either way -- we hope he's feeling better!

It must have been an emergency, because photos published by The Daily Mail show the One Direction singer crouched beside the freeway, releasing the entirety of his stomach contents in one go. Always the picture of fashion forward, Harry can be seen rocking the ultimate Normcore chic look in his workout clothes and sneakers, with his hair tied up in an elegant man-bun. Sadly, his stance is all but casual cool as he's hunched over with his hands on his knees and his face pointed to the ground. The look on his face once he spots the paparazzo (post-puke, of course) is one of ultimate betrayal.

While we can't say with absolute certainty that his upset stomach was the result of a massive hangover -- especially considering he's not yet of legal drinking age in the States -- photos published by The Mirror from Friday night show Harry stumbling out of Nice Guy Bar in Los Angeles like a newborn baby deer, being gingerly lead away from the paparazzi by a bodyguard.

Oh Harry, we've all been there. Copious amounts of coconut water and some In-N-Out and you'll be back to drinking Dirty Shirley Temples in no time.

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