Harry Styles: Erstwhile boyband member, hair-envy of men far and wide, maker of faces that could scare children off a porch in the thick of trick-or-treating.

Styles, who's been on tour in support of his debut solo album since September 2017, has forged a whole new sound for himself since going at it alone — his eponymous LP is '70s-inspired soul rock through and through. One thing that has remain unchanged about Styles' performance identity, though, is the faces he makes while delivering sets: squirms, grimaces and squints that could make even John Mayer or Mick Jagger stop and ask: woah, is that guy okay?

Yup, since his days with One Direction, Styles has been a no-holds-barred performer who reaches into his toes to pull off high notes, and the fringe benefits (or consequences) read very clearly on his face. Sometimes, he unhinges his jaw widely enough to catch flies — other times, he can be spotted shutting his eyes with enough force to stave off the jaws of life. He is, in a very specific way, his very own emotional flow chart.

Sunday night (March 11), Styles kicked off a brand new extended European leg of his concert series, which no doubt means there's plenty of facial skin-stretching to come. Still, we'd be remiss to forget all the emotion that's already been documented by eager concert photographers.

Check out Harry Styles' 28 most ridiculous performance faces from his days in 1D to 2018 below, and if you've seen any of his famous mugging in person, share your testimony in the comments below.

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