Harry Styles had a chat with Ryan Seacrest this morning (June 4), and provided an update on the band's next album, his love life, and a rumor about his beauty routine.

Seacrest asked how the four-man incarnation of One Direction is doing these days. The singer said that "morale is good." He also got charmingly humble, saying, "It's exciting to have the opportunity to do any album, so the fact that we're on the fifth one is really amazing for us." Grateful looks good on you, Harry.

When asked if there's a different approach to writing the new album — and their current On the Road Again tour — now that Zayn Malik is gone, Harry said no, only a little. "The creative process was very similar to be honest. But it was cool how some of the things came out sounding, because there were a lot of parts that used to get written with Zayn in mind." He said the LP is on track for a release "toward the end of the year."

Ryan also made a barely-masked inquiry into Harry's love life, when Harry said he loved writing for other artists: "So are you writing from the point of view of being in love, or playing the field?" Harry evasively replied, "I am writing from the point of view of...that's an inappropriate question" and then, "I'm really just concentrating on music right now." Dang.

1D's resident Mick Jagger look-alike also debunked an odd rumor that he got a sheep placenta facial (that's a thing?!). "Never happened," he said, explaining that his sister alerted him to the myth. When pressed for further details on his skincare regimen (#journalism) he said, "I mean, yes, I wash my face [...] but I don't use any part of a sheep." So fellas, if you want to look like Harry Styles all you have to do is scrub with soap and water and avoid products derived from livestock. Voila!

Listen to the full interview — in which Harry also talks about future solo plans and what fans can expect on the current road show — below.


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