Every high school across America -- except for the weird artsy ones -- is getting ready to gear up for prom season, which can only mean one thing for us on PopCrush: It's time to get your votes in for Prom King and Queen! Every year we put 16 celebrities against each other in a popularity contest that won't hurt anyone's feelings. You guys get the chance to vote for your faves, and your faves get to know how much you love them. It's totally win-win. Round 1 sees Harry Styles facing off against Justin Bieber in what is sure to be a unique competition -- beautiful, but painful in its way.

Harry Styles, a modern-day Mick Jagger for the Top 40 crowd, wears scarves in his hair and his pants really tight. He sashays on stage with the kind of vigor and confidence more commonly associated with Robert Plant than Robbie Williams, making him something of a boyband anomaly. The best part? He has the throaty growl to back it up. We hope Harry continues forever, just like Jagger -- performing onstage well into his 70s, looking every part the reanimated corpse he has become.

Justin Bieber, on the other hand, traded in his signature swoop for a million tattoos and a mugshot. Justin's totally over his bad boy image and is very public about wanting to morph back into the boy you want to take "Home to Mama" (if you will), but he's still got a ways to go. Regardless, we have to hand it to him for releasing some seriously decent hip-hop infused pop, taking more control of his own sound over the years and really evolving as an artist.

Who should move on to the next round of the 2015 Prom King and Queen Finals? Vote for either Harry Styles or Justin Bieber until the poll closes at 3PM EST on May 7.


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