Heather Morris resurrected her infamous Britney Spears impersonation on Dancing With the Stars Monday night (April 3).

Wearing a sheer, body-hugging champagne dress with crystals placed in homage to Spears' iconic nude bodysuit in the "Toxic" video, Morris and her partner, Alan Bersten, performed a sizzling tango set to the pop star's sexy In The Zone single.

Watch below:

Coincidentally, Morris is known for channeling Spears: In one of Glee's most iconic episodes, the actress (who played cheerleader Brittany on the show) experiences a dream sequence during a trip to the dentist, where she recreates a handful of the pop princess's music videos while singing "I'm a Slave 4 U."

However, speaking exclusively to PEOPLE prior to Monday's DWTS episode, Morris revealed that she was both "a little bit thrilled and a little bit disappointed" to perform once again to Spears' music.

"Haven’t I already done this? Isn’t this what my iconic character on Glee is based on? I’m here to show my fans, and the rest of the world, more about who Heather really is and, to me, this seems like a step back in time," she said.

Thankfully, it only took a family member's reassuring words to lift her spirits and excite her for the performance.

"I called my sister to share my thoughts and she quickly assured me, saying, 'Heather, so many of your fans will be so happy to see you perform this again!' Talking to her allowed me to understand that I have to set my ego aside and bring myself to this as much as I can because, without my fans, I would not be where I am today," Morris added.

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