While countless Halloween-enthusiasts honored Stranger Things' Eleven with their 2016 costumes, Heidi Klum was more partial to the number six.

Klum, whose New York City Halloween parties famously draw the most coveted guests from the celebrity world, decided to really up the ante at the 17th annual bash last night (October 31). Rather than manipulate herself into a cartoonish Jessica Rabbit or a human-sized butterfly — both of which she's done in years past — she moved to shift the world around her, instead.

Yes, the supermodel made five other women look exactly like her. Victoria's Secret Fashion show: You needn't look any further for the next big event.

Hours before the party began, Klum began to tease her preparation, and posted Instagram photos and videos that chronicled extensive hair, makeup and even prosthesis work. Fans commented that they were eager to see the finished result, and finally, at around midnight, they got it.

But the look wasn't exactly a success story.

For the most part, Klum's Instagram followers seemed pretty unmoved by the costume, and said that while the supermodel usually hits the nail on the head when it comes to Halloween, she missed the mark this time around.

"I love you but I was waiting for something better," one wrote, while another noted "I know it was a lot of hard work & effort put into this but I'm honestly really disappointed. I hope she'll go bigger for 2017."

In previous years, Klum has wowed photogs and entertainment buffs with her costumes. She celebrated Halloween as Betty Boop in 2002, the snake in the Garden of Eden in 2006 and a scarily convincing elderly woman in 2013.

What do you think of Klum's 2016 costume? Tell us where you think it ranks among her previous looks.

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