Hilary Duff stopped by 'Good Morning America' this morning (Oct. 7), where she discussed her upcoming tour plans and how taking a seven-year break shaped her music. Oh, and of course, she performed her single 'All About You.'

"Taking that seven year break, having life experiences and growing -- I definitely had different material to write about and things to talk about, things I've gone through," she revealed. "Also, my confidence level changed ... Becoming a mother, taking a break from the industry, you know?"

The 'Younger' actress also said she can't wait to hit the road in support of her new music -- and is looking at early 2015 for tour dates.

"That's what I can't wait for," she gushed. "Hopefully February. I don't want to say too much about that. But I'll be finished shooting my show ['Younger'] in December and I think I'll take a little break and prepare a tour and then go out on the road."

Check out Hilary Duff's performance of 'All About You' in the video above!

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