Hilary Duff may have been channeling Lizzie McGuire in 'Chasing the Sun,' but for 'All About You,' the second release off of her upcoming album, she's rocking a totally different vibe, infusing the song with a seriously awesome folk-rock sound.

We're loving the slightly twang-y vibe of the song, which is filled with the infectious plucking of acoustic guitars and Duff's sweet vocals. The folk-rock tone adds a rich depth and maturity to Duff's sound -- a maturity, in fact, that is only enhanced by the slightly provocative lyrics.

"You could be my dirty secret," Duff sings on the track's opening line. "...You can meet me in the back seat, or take it up in first-class, mile high." Gasp! Is that a reference to the mile-high club, Hilary Duff?

And she only continues with the sexy theme on the chorus of the track, crooning: "Think you're all about me, but I'm all about you. Turn the lights down, let me show you, it's true, get a little taste of what I'm into."

All kidding aside, we're totally digging Hilary Duff's more mature sound and can't get enough of the more rock n' roll-type vibe of 'All About You'. While 'Chasing the Sun' was cute and catchy, we're more eager to see this edgier side of Duff, and we're glad she's showing it in 'All About You'. Listen to it above!

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