Too cute! Hilary Duff recently gave birth to baby boy Luca Cruz Comrie, and the new mama couldn't be more excited.The 'So Yesterday' singer tweeted that she pretty much can't believe her good luck!

Us Weekly reports that Duff's hubby and proud papa to Luca Cruz is equally thrilled. "Welcome to the world Luca Cruz Comrie," he said. "Can't express my feelings for you right now!" Too precious!

Duff dished to OK on her favorite books as a kid, and which ones she wants to share with her little bundle of joy. “I have boxes of some of my old books from when I was a kid. There’s a book that I love so much called 'If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.' It’s a really cute book. I grew up reading it," she said. "My mom read it to us, and it’s one that I really loved and kept going back to over and over again. And all the Shel Silverstein books I really loved, like 'Where The Sidewalk Ends' and 'The Giving Tree'."

Though Duff plans on being a very hands on mom, everyone needs a babysitter every now and then. Who's one person she wouldn't want watching lil' Luca? Her 'She Wants Me' costar Charlie Sheen. We don't blame her! “Of course, I would never let him babysit my kid,” she said. “I think everyone is really cautious about who they leave their kid with.”

Though it's perfectly reasonable not to leave your kid with someone who bleeds tiger blood, Duff admitted she's already a bit hypercautious with her new little man. “I think it’s hard when you feel so connected to something – and protective over it. You want only the best for it, and I think you become a little extremely overprotective.”

Luckily, she has some help! “My husband totally spoils me," Duff said. "He’s very thoughtful. He’s really, really excited about the baby. He’s a really good guy. I feel very lucky.”

Awww! We can't wait to meet Luca!