Hilary Duff is seriously embracing unnatural hair colors, and we're totally loving her latest look.

The Younger actress posted a photo on Instagram earlier today (April 20), showing off her brand new hair color -- grey that blends seamlessly into a light pink. Considering she's had some slightly varied shade of blonde for almost the entirety of her career-slash-life (minus that super brief stint as a brunette), we're loving that she's really committing to these quirky colors.

We're not sure how long she'll keep the pink and grey, but we completely understand the need to switch up your hair color after a few weeks. When she first dyed her hair teal, she explained during an interview on the Ellen DeGeneres Show that it was a totally spur-of-the-moment decision. She said (quote via US Weekly), "I've never done anything like this! I was just in Cabo with my son and I was staring at the ocean, and I was like, I want that on my head. So this happened."

We wonder what inspired the pink. We also wonder how Hilary's son, Luca, feels about the color. According to Hilary, he has pretty specific taste when it comes to his mom's hair. She said (quote via US Weekly), "Luca is very particular about how he likes my hair. "There’s absolutely no buns on my head, no ponytails. I’ll have a ponytail and he’s like, 'Um, hair down, Mom. Hair down please.' At least he knows what he likes!"

Check a photo of Hilary's new hair above!

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