Hilary Duff recently stopped by Atlanta radio station Q100, where she covered such an awesome range of topics with host Adam Bomb that we had to break them all down. Watch her interview above and read the highlights below!

1. She confuses a tomahawk for a slice of pizza. At around 20 seconds in, the radio host hands her an Atlanta Braves foam tomahawk, but she thinks the triangle-shaped "blade" is actually a slice of pizza. Whoops!

2. She can make some dirty jokes. We won't go into detail, but yeah, Hilary made a slightly NSFW reference at around the 0:35 mark.

3. 'All About You' is representative of her upcoming album's sound. At the 2:30 mark, Hilary described her new record as "very pop," "earthy," "a little twangy," and "Mumford-y," but as soon as she revealed that her new effort would sound mostly like 'All About You,' we were super psyched.

4. She took a hiatus because she was burnt out. Back-to-back tours and movies can certainly take their toll on a girl, and she wanted to take the time off to "find her identity as a person," she explained at 3:10. We totally get it!

5. She tunes out the haters by realizing their criticisms are out of her control. "They're always going to win, so if you let it get to you, you're just going to go crazy," she revealed at the 5:11 mark.

6. She was "intimidated" by Ed SheeranThe redheaded Brit not only wrote Hilary's song 'Tattoo,' but he also walked into the vocal booth when she recorded it, she said at around 5:50. "It was kinda scary, but it was great and he's so talented," she revealed.

7. 'Frozen' makes her want to die. When she and Luca went to a "pay-to-play" place recently, Hilary "heard four-year-olds sing 'Frozen' nine times in two hours. I want to kill myself," she joked around eight minutes in. "But I cannot listen to this one after another, every time."

8. Her son Luca sings her own songs. "It's awesome to hear him sing my music. Even before my voice will come on, he'll be like, 'Mommy's song, Mommy's song!'" she said around the 9-minute mark. "And then sometimes he'll be like, 'Don't sing! No way, don't sing.'"

9. She's fluent in Gibberish. And she even demonstrated her killer language skills at around 11:08.

10. And the cast of 'Lizzie McGuire' used it to have secret conversations. "We actually did it on the set of 'Lizzie McGuire' all the time too. Because we were like, always talking about what we were doing on weekends and not wanting them to hear what we were saying, so we'd speak Gibberish," she revealed at around 11:43.

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