Hilary Duff's 'Chasing the Sun' may be the perfect, happy-go-lucky summer song, but the singer reveals her upcoming album has a lot of deeper, emotional tracks too.

In Billboard's Pop Shop Podcast, Hilary opened up about her about relationship with estranged husband Mike Comrie.

"I'm separated from my husband right now, which has been a very difficult thing to go through, but we have a lot of love for each other and we have this beautiful baby," she explained.

However, the singer's family life serves as inspiration for the album. Hilary confirmed there is a song about her relationship with Comrie, as well as one about her son Luca.

"There's a song about Luca and a song about my separation and my love for this person, that maybe we're not meant to be together, or maybe we are," she said. "It's very, very personal."

And although fans are used to Hilary's bright, bubbly personality, they can expect to see a more serious side of her on the upcoming album.

"I've been living with this stuff for now and really been in the studio since September ... I'm nervous," she said. "It's been seven years for me, so I hope that what I'm writing and what I'm singing and how I'm singing and my taste and the content -- I hope it's what people that have been my fan or are my fan are going to respond to it."

Reflecting on personal life, Hilary said, "In the beginning, the album was a lot heavier and a lot darker because I think I just needed to get that out. Once I did get that out, a lot of fun came."

Hilary explains that the album is very positive, but includes a track inspired by her move to put her career on hold seven years ago.

As her upcoming album gathers buzz, so does its collaboration with Ed Sheeran, 'Tattoo.'

"He is just, I think, a musical genius," Hilary raved. "The first time I heard his single, I instantly bought the record and was a fan. My A&R girl ... who's just great called me in one day and she's like 'I just got an Ed Sheeran track.' ... It is such a perfect pop song. I think everyone can relate to it. It definitely reminds me of a relationship in my life when I was a little younger that just really hurt."

When it came time to record the song, Ed himself came to the studio to help produce the track!

"He was great, and when he heard I wanted to record the song, he's like 'I really want to be there and produce the vocals,'" Hilary recalled. "He followed me in the vocal booth and that's not so normal, you know? You're in there by yourself ... And he sits down and he's like 'OK, so we're going to record like this and I like to do it line by line. We're going to do it about six times.'"

This just made us even more excited to hear the new music!

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