Go big or go home! When Hilary Duff teased her new single, "Sparks," she gave fans a double whammy of awesome -- it was also in a new trailer for her TV show, Younger!

First, let's talk the song. Since it's pretty much impossible to be any more obsessed with Hilary's new sound than we already are (um, "All About You" anyone?) we can't even express how excited we are about "Sparks." It's the perfect Hilary Duff club jam that we always knew we needed. It's sultry, sexy and totally the kind of song you want to rock out to with your ladies.

"Turn the lights down low and kiss me in the dark," Hilary sings on the chorus. "'Cause when you're touching me baby I see sparks." LOVE.

While the single can be yours on April 7, we don't have to wait as long for Younger, which premieres on TV Land on March 31. And let us tell you that the trailer makes the show look crazy awesome, especially because Hilary is basically flawless in every scene. Her outfits are all on point, and her stunning blond waves pretty much dominate the screen. Seriously -- she looks absolutely gorgeous, and we couldn't be any more excited that she is once again coming to the small screen! That combined with her new single? Well, we are pretty much in Hilary Duff heaven.

Listen to a clip of "Sparks" in the trailer above!

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