Hilary Duff shared with her fans on her Instagram account a beautiful photo of her on a beach, looking out towards the ocean. The photo is taken from the set of her new music video for the first single off her upcoming album.

The Daily Mail reports that Duff has been shooting her new video on a Malibu beach, and has captured some photos of Duff in a bikini on the set, which you can see here.

Details about Duff's first single are unknown, but the 26-year-old former 'Lizzie McGuire' star has teased plenty about her first album since 2007's 'Dignity.' We know that Ed Sheeran co-wrote a track for Duff, which is rumored to be Duff's first single. She also shared a snippet of a song that she has been working on with songwriter Toby Gad.

The fact that she is shooting a new video means that we can probably expect the new song from Duff any day now.