By now, you should know that Hilary Duff is the new Tinder spokesperson has gone on at least one Tinder date. But is she actually filming her dates for a new reality show?

According to TMZ, there were cameras during her much-discussed bowling date with a "normie," and there were also cameras when she went on another date at a pizza place (a fitting choice for a girl whose profile reads "Let's eat pizza.") Sources told the site that H. Duff has plans to turn her Tinder dates into a reality show about her new life as a single lady. Her rep had no comment.

TMZ also reports that while there were cameras at the pizzeria, they did not accompany Hilary and the Tinder date to the bar they went to afterwards. #Freedom.

Ever since Hilary revealed that she's on the insanely popular dating app, the world became obsessed with the idea of Hilary Duff on Tinder. She already explained that she's talking to about nine different guys on there (go Hil!) and that she will always left-swipe dudes with shirtless mirror selfies because duh. Wendy Williams attempted to shame her, going so far as to say that her profile pic suggests "she'd put out on a first date," but we're ignoring Wendy's comments because they're unfounded and cruel. Besides, we'd much rather put our energy into praising Hilary and her newfound Tinder lifestyle instead.

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