It feels like Hilary Duff has been pregnant for, like, ever. She's ready to pop, with her first child, a boy, due any day now. Even though she's bursting and likely has swollen ankles and a sore back from carrying around all that baby weight, the former teen queen still has her sense of humor. She filmed a Funny or Die video, complete with behind-the-scenes footage and furry fake mustache, about how to have a successful and perfect celeb pregnancy. Perhaps the facial hair was the result of increased hormones?

Here are Hil's tips about what's crucial when your famous and preggers.

The first tip regards the selling of the first photos. She reveals that she and her husband plan to do "what makes the most sense for us financially" and they have come to the conclusion that the most profitable way to celebrate the arrival is with "a live tweet of the birth, and it's sponsored by Red Bull."

The second most important thing to do is narrow down the godparents. For Duff, It's a tight race between her sister Haylie, the Dalai Lama and a Kardashian. Something tells us one of the Sisters Kardash will emerge as the frontrunner. That Dalai Lama dude ain't got nothing on the Kardashians and their endless photo opps, branding and shameless self-promotion.

The third tip revolves around what you eat making headlines.

Watch Hilary Duff 'Funny or Die' Video