Armie Hammer's family members and alleged victims speak out against the actor in the three-minute trailer for the Discovery+ docuseries House of Hammer.

The series is set to chronicle the accusations of sexual assault, cannibalism fantasies, branding threats and more that have been leveraged against The Social Network star.

"I’m here to talk about what happened in my relationship with Armie Hammer," ex-girlfriend Courtney Vucekovich says in the clip. "In the beginning, I felt like this was all perfect. This was amazing."

Vucekovich's story is similar to the story of Julia Morrison, another of Hammer's ex-girlfriends.

"I haven’t really digested this one," Morrison says before reading aloud an alleged text message sent to her by Hammer:

"I have a fantasy about having someone prove their love and devotion and tying them up in a public place at night and making their body free use ... and seeing if they would f--k strangers for me.”

The trailer suggest Hammer would give women compliments before pushing their boundaries as far as he could.

Official House of Hammer Trailer:

Others set to appear in the docuseries include Hammer's aunt, Casey, who claims there is a history of violence and abuse in their family.

"The accusations of rape and abuse brought against Armie Hammer in the last few years are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Hammer family. With House of Hammer, we witness truly disturbing details and sinister secrets that money and power couldn’t hide forever," Jason Sarlanis, president of crime and investigative content at Discovery+, said in a press statement about the series.

"This documentary provides an important platform for the incredibly courageous women who came forward to share their stories, and we hope their courage inspires others to continue meaningful conversations around abuse in our society," he added.

House of Hammer debuts on Discovery+ Sept. 2.

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