Everyone is getting in on the Rotoscope TikTok trend, here's how you can too!

You've probably seen videos of people dancing with a colorful outline filter on them, complete with sunglasses. That is the Rotoscope filter, which you can apply to your own video using six simple steps.

Open up the TikTok app and click on Discover
Search “Rotoscope” in the upper center search bar
Select Rotoscope under Effects
Select the ‘Try this effect’ option
Click on record and film your video
Be sure to nod your head to activate the filter

There are two songs that people typically use along with the filter that you'd have to add separately. "Cаptаin [Whistle]" and "Never Dull Gypsy in My Mind."

Surprisingly, "rotoscoping" is actually an animation technique that dates back to 1915. So how exactly did the trend get started? TikTok creator @Icetut first shared a video of him with his own Rotoscope edit on Feb. 11. The video reached 50 million views and 8 million likes. TikTok ended up creating its own filter based on the edit, and now over 170,000 videos have used the filter.

While some of the people that use the filters vibe out with the technicolor effect, some have shared their epic fails with the filter. Sometimes, it doesn't pick up on the person or only picks up on part of their bodies. People also tried putting in their pets and group of friends to mostly disastrous results.

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