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Even if you're not super versed in all things K-pop, you still might know HyunA: for her girl group 4minute, for that recent Family Guy spoof of her song "Bubble Pop," Ryan Reynold's Instagram or perhaps because of her cameo in PSY's "Gangnam Style." If not, here's yet another introduction to the massively successful South Korean superstar.

Most recently, HyunA's been posting some dance rehearsal clips on her popular Instagram page (that's 3.7 million and counting!) with dancer MMary, and the latest one is set to none other than Navy commander Rihanna's "Woo" off of ANTI. While we don't get to see the full dance (sadly), she's really getting into those hip twerks.

This isn't the first time HyunA's proven to be a ride or die Navy member, however. A few years ago, the singer — as part of the duo Trouble Maker with Beast's Hyunseung — danced to "Birthday Cake" on KBS.

Rhenna: it's time to call your girl and collabo on a new track for an ANTI reissue, stat.