How many of you Beliebers have envisioned your perfect date with Justin Bieber, if that unbelievable opportunity ever actually arose? (Hey, anything can happen, and a Belieber can dream, aight?!) We're playing date-planners here at PopCrush, and we want to know: Out of the four awesome scenarios we've set up, what would your dream date with Justin Bieber be?

If you're into nature, and you love privacy, you may like our romantic walk on the beach option. Imagine walking barefoot through the sand, hand-in-hand with the 'Believe' crooner? *SWOON* Or maybe you'd like something a little more elegant? Well, you can always head out to a fancy, candlelit dinner with the Biebs! Of course, he'd have to pick up the bill! And you'd get to dress up all elegant too!

Perhaps you prefer the comfort of your own home though? And say, sweatpants instead of an evening gown? Then you should definitely vote for our movie-night-at-home option. You can chow down on popcorn and turn on a scary flick, so you have an excuse to cuddle up. Lastly, if all of this stuff sounds like a complete snoozefest to you, and the famous life is something you want to experience, why not head out to a posh nightclub and party it up in the VIP section? Justin would certainly make a fantastic dance partner.

Let you mind wander, Beliebers, and vote for your ultimate Bieber dream date below!