Idina Menzel may have recently dyed her hair blond, but don't compare her to her Frozen character, Elsa.

Though it's a little too late for us — yes, we fully admit that we called the Broadway star's new look her "official transformation into Queen Elsa" — Idina wants to encourage people not to immediately draw those comparisons, tempting as it is.

"They say I did it because I was inspired by my Elsa character [from Frozen], which I found very insulting," the actress told Good Day L.A. “That I would wake up one day and want to be blond, so I could look like an animated character… I just never, ever do anything with my hair and I finished my Broadway show. Eight shows a week, same thing."

To be fair, Idina Menzel's new shade is much more of a warm, honey blond than her cartoon counterpart's, which is a perfectly fitting icy platinum. And we have to say we are loving the lighter color on the naturally brunette powerhouse vocalist — it's a stunning, summery shade that gives her a gorgeous glow.

And Idina Menzel wasn't done joking about the Elsa comparisons: When they played her a clip of "Let It Go," she couldn't, well, let it go.

"There I am! I look exactly like her. Oh Elsa, thank you so much," Idina deadpanned. "We’re exactly the same, aren’t we? Those skinny balletic arms and that tiny waist."

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