Dominating headlines this past week was the news that "selfie" is officially the word of 2013. (Sorry, "twerk." Better luck next year.)

While some might argue that "selfie" isn't the best word to define the past 12 months, it's truly been one of the most revolutionary developments of the year. Not only are selfies a look into some of the most brilliant minds of our time, they're also an extremely reliable source of breaking news. Without them, we would never know the most important happenings in celebrities' lives, like Rihanna's deepest struggle or Ariana Grande's major breakthrough.

Let's look back at some of the most impactful selfies of 2013 and the startling news they delivered.

Justin Bieber is bored, guys. Bored! If headlining a massive world tour isn't enough to keep one occupied, there's no hope for the rest of us :(

Kendall Jenner knows Bruce Jenner personally. #humblebrag

Rihanna isn't sure what to do now. OK, maybe she's talking about her latest single. Or maybe she's bored, like Justin.

Ariana Grande tried something new with her hair which, apparently, never happens.

Lena shares our dark, twisted fantasy.

Taylor Swift needs her bangs trimmed. Stat.

Unlike Taylor Swift, Beyonce cuts her hair. (Related: Her haircut doesn't require a caption.)

Niall Horan records shirtless. Such a tease, that one.

Kim Kardashian is a fighter! Despite armies of paparazzi determined to catch her at unflattering angles, she will do whatever it takes to prove she's svelte again. Guys, she didn't even use a filter. #hero

Eye patches were a must that day. (But really, what day are they not a must?)

Nathan Sykes was attacked. By puppies.

There's a good chance that Kesha has taken up residence in a helicoptor. Is this the end of civilization as we know it?

Life is rough until the coffee kicks in.