Ed Sheeran offers up some pretty scathing lyrics in his new song, 'Don't,' which will appear on his upcoming album, 'X.'

"I never saw him as a threat / 'Til you disappeared with him to have sex," the redheaded Brit sings on the candid track (lyrics via The Mirror.) "If I show courtesy and respect to someone, I expect to receive it. / When we're in the same hotel and I'm downstairs at my party and you're upstairs doing that, that's disrespectful."

Yikes. Sheeran certainly paints a picture with telling lyrics like that.

“The story in 'Don’t' is 100 percent true," he revealed to Billboard Magazine. "I could have gotten nastier – there was more s--- that I didn’t put in."

“I was seeing someone for a bit, and then they ended up physically involved with one of my friends in the same hotel that we were staying in, while I was downstairs," he explained about the hurtful story behind the song. "And I feel like: ‘Treat people how you want to be treated.'”

While it was clear that Sheeran was wronged in the situation, he doesn't explicitly say who it was that did him dirty. However, some believe that all signs point to Ellie Goulding, who he was hooking up with last year.

"Normal people don't hold hands if they're just friends," Sheeran said at the time, referring to the time when he and Goulding held hands (and thighs!) at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. But by the time he confirmed the two had been hooking up, the pair were done.

"It was going on," he admitted. "But now it's not."

Another hint that the woman in question might be Goulding? Another sample lyric reads, "We make money the same way… you were looking for a lover to burn." Not only does the line include the word "burn," which happens to be the title of Goulding's biggest hit, but the song also alludes to the two having the same career.

Whether or not the song is about Goulding, one thing is for sure: We can't wait to hear 'Don't,' which promises to be one hell of a track.

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